Classroom Modeling

It is difficult for teachers to use the lesson plans of others. With that in mind, we have documented our teachers' use of their own lesson plans. We hope that seeing the lesson taught and being provided a lesson plan for your use will encourage you to use our research in your own teaching. Feel free to view these samples and their associated lesson plans.

The teachers skillfully implement what they learned during the summer workshop to use the environmental mercury issues as a way to introduce problem-based chemistry, Earth science, biology and physical science lessons. The videos provide brief documentaries of how the lessons developed in the workshop were delievered to high school students.

5 Types of Chemical Reactions - by Joanna Shea

Chemical Bonding - by Heather Mellows

Bioacculumlation of Mercury - by Charles Olson

Mercury in the Environment - by Students in Candice Sykes' classroom


If you are interested in learning more about how to implement this method, or to be apart of the research on this method, please contact Bryan A. Brown at "brbrown at".