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General Information on Mercury

Pollution Probe - Provides a primer on mercury in the environment

US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

         Superfund for Kids

USGS - Geological Survey

         Mercury in California-

         Bioaccumulation of Mercury

         Fact Sheet -

         Another Fact Sheet -

Canadian   Mercury in the Environment - Lots of information here!

Properties of Mercury

New Almaden

Quicksliver Park - Santa Clara County Park


Toxic and Harmful Algae Blooms

Winogradsky Columns

Educational Resources

Video on how to build the column
Video on what the bacteria are doing in the column

Curriculum on Mercury

Mercury in Schools

Canada Environment - Featured Theme

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory - Tern Contaminants Study

Mercury Quest - TIES Project - role playing activity

Chemicals, the Environment and You - Lesson 5 Minamata Case Study

Mercury in Your Community

Pollution in Your Community - Scorecard from Environmental Defense

The Mercury Policy Project

Mercury Hot Spots (North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation)

South Florida

Fish in Yuba   and Placer Counties, CA

Got Mercury? A calculator to assess risk of many foods